28 November 2010


Last year on Cyber Monday eve . . .I stayed up until 1:30 am.  I took a nap today to prepare for that tonight. But now it's like a bizillion hours away and I'm not sleepy, but I did challenge myself to go to bed every night by 10 pm in hopes of gaining a better, healthier lifestyle. I won't get there in time at this rate but I'm gonna start getting ready for bed now. Who knows, maybe I'll still be wide awake at midnight and hop online for shopping, but i'm going to lay down, read, and try to sleep!


  1. good luck with that lanie. sometimes I hit the hay early and sometimes i don't. but I do know one thing I always get up early. if i sleep in until 10am that is a rare thing indeed.

  2. I ended up being wide awake at 1:20 a.m. and got some excellent deals at the American Girl shop online and ThinkGeek.com. WOOT!


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