16 October 2010

Yesterday we went to the orchard and did our annual apple picking - about a half bushel of Jonathans, which were the only variety still available on the trees. We should've gone earlier, but schedules have been too busy. Today we are baking a shoestring apple pie in the solar oven for Sweetest Day. Hubby and kid just took off on a shopping trip allowing me a few minutes to blog and get centered again.

Weight was up a tad this morning, a good sign that whatever was wrong with my lower digestive system has evened out a bit. I actual was able to eat a meal last night and apparently it shows. Muscles are still feeling all "noodly" and weird, but I got up and moved around a little bit. May try some actual exercise tonight.

Maintaining hydration and reading are on my mind today. Kid should be studying for math and social studies tests Mon & Tuesday so we are laying low today. Tomorrow we are joining some friends to go to a fall festival at some tourist-type farm in the outlying areas. One day soon I will drag her to the pumpkin farm and take her photo by the giant pumpkins and the measuring thing on the side of their barn. I love this time of year, but it seems so short with too many fun activities to smash into it.  I'm just glad I'm well enough to leave the house again, even if I do choose to stay home today. Church tomorrow then off the the farm with friends. No problem food wise because I'm really still not up to eating a lot. Just need to get back into exercising more to make a difference. The trick is not overdoing it. The treat is the results on the scale!

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