15 October 2010

Update on Challenges

Hot 100

Health: Go to bed by 10 pm nightly I've been sleeping almost all the time the last few days, so I'm sure I haven't been up past 10 pm since my return from the Windy City

Food: Eat more fruit! I may have done a little TOO well with this at the beginning of the week. I normally stay away from citrus because of the acid content and my sissy belly not being able to handle it. Perhaps the pineapple extravaganza and the bellyaching are just a coincindence, though.

Activity: Achieve BMI at or below 35 (37.72 currently) It's getting closer!

Accountability: Blog at least 2x daily Didn't keep up too well on this one in Chicago but I'm getting back into the swing of things!

I refuse to blow it over the holidays challenge

Update: I have lost three and a half pounds since the first day of autumn. Now, this is not quite the amount that I had hoped for, but as long as I continue to see a downward trend, I won't complain. I am currently teetering at 240.1 lbs. Another pound down and I will be in a new decade AND officially 50 lbs down. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Pineapple always gets my son. He has a sissy belly too:) You are making progress... and your weight is going in the right direction:)

  2. How are you doing with your eat more fruit challenge???

    3.5 pounds is nothing to sneeze at.....us it as your base and build on it!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss!! That is fantastic!!! Michele

  4. It look like you are starting to get into the groove of things. Im sure If you continue like this you will end the year on a good note

  5. Not a bad week at all! Hopefully the bellyache and citris was a coincidence.


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