01 October 2010

Turning today around, counting blessings

  • Lucked out to be relieved of my volunteer duties today
  • Need a nap for sure
  • Sinuses are really acting up from change in weather
  • Friend had surgery yesterday - hysterectomy, I should go visit her in the hospital
  • 8 years ago today my 22 month old nephew passed away after a long battle with brain damage
  • House is still a mess
  • Going to a nearby university town to hear a concert tonight
  • Out to eat beforehand. Applebees? Dunno
  • Laundry, lawnwork, boxes, all piling up around here
  • Need to take that nap and then kick myself in the butt to get going
Time to count my blessings
  1. My healthy child who makes good choices on a daily basis
  2. Beautiful home, secluded and yet close enough to shops
  3. Acreage teeming with wildlife and nature
  4. Changing leaves
  5. Deer drinking out of the pond
  6. Handsome, brilliant, successful husband
  7. Reliable transportation
  8. Incredible church family
  9. Awesome friends
  10. I better say BFF or she'll kick my hiney
  11. Internet
  12. My awesome cousin
  13. Excellent (with distinction) school system
  14. Ability to be a full time mom
  15. A day off now and then
  16. Books, knitting, playing with cats, and other hobbies.
  17. Fantastic group of online supporters
  18. A successful weight loss plan
  19. Losing 16% of my body weight in a few short months
  20. Road trip next week to see a friend and family.
I could go on and on . .. but I'm too sleepy. Will try to check in later with something more inspirational.


  1. Lots of great things to be thankful for! I am sitting her looking out the front door at the beautiful land I live on. I feel blessed too! I need to mow but my sinuses are Horrible too!

  2. Sometime to combat sleepiness, I just go for a walk. When you get up and move it creates all those happy hormones that in sorts make the body high for a few moments.

  3. Well your list made me smile :) Counting your blessings is a great way to put things into perspective even when somethings aren't going right!

  4. i love your thankful list.. what a great idea.. that i might have to steal one day :-)

  5. So, what / who will you hear at that concert?

  6. I am sorry you lost your nephew!!

  7. @ patrick - the bowling green state university woodwind band, brass band, and one other band - I forget which.

  8. We should all count our blessings more often. We all have a more that we are blessed with than we think. Uplifting post.

  9. There will always be pain, but better yet, there will ALWAYS be blessings!

    Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope it was therapeutic for you.



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