14 September 2010

Today I was . . .

-satisfied with my breakfast of whole grain bread with natural peanut butter
-frustrated because I was up a little when I weighed, but I realize that normal
-anxious because I planned to attend a PTO meeting at a school where I don't know people
-angry because people at one of my volunteer jobs were complaining about me and stirring up drama
-happy to get a visit with my friend and a trip to Costco
-excited about sampling some healthy food there and actually enjoying (and purchasing) it
-ecstatic that a prize came from another blog
-impressed by the generosity of the blogger who sent me my prize
-amazed to realize I had accidentally skipped lunch
-pleased with my snack of 1 1/2 Tbsp herbed cheese and 5 low salt crackers

And with all of those emotions, I ate only when I was hungry and until I was satisfied. So, now I am


  1. Yeah, Lanie. You should be proud. You are well-loved in Blogland...and I'm sure, IRL too.

  2. You rock Lanie! And I really and truly mean that as I sit here thinking about my own little recent bout with emotional eating and wishing I had read this first!

  3. You are loved IRL! I know I couldn't love you more than I do!

  4. Sounds like an awarding day to me!

  5. (((happy dance))) go lanie, go lanie, go lanie!

  6. haha, Sue. As if you didn't know! I got SHLOADS of Champion brand workout clothes! I'll be more colorful than I ever intended these next few sizes. Beautiful, VIBRANT colors! Lots and lots of them.

    This is a big deal for me to have NEW clothes as I have been mostly shopping thrift stores every time I go down a size. No big deal, I won't be wearing each size for long anyway, I tell myself. I don't have a lot of spending money to throw away on clothes.

    Thank you again, Sue! Thank you for putting up with your husband and all of his groupies! We think you're a saint and he is generally a good hearted and generous man.

    Love & good things to both of you!


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