13 September 2010

Support request

Our little bloggy friend Lala fell off the wagon and into a pile of cookiesa and ice cream. She needs some encouragement. She's had a rough time emotionally, a bad breakup followed by a big binge. Please take a moment to go cheer her onward.

While you're out, why not send some love to Allan and JustMe as well. They let the drama get to them over the weekend but they are good peeps and all on the same journey.

Pay it forward, loves!


  1. Lanie, you are just the sweetest! Thank you so much for sending me so much support, and even getting your friends to pitch in! I am actually much better today. I knew that if I got myself to the gym, things would start to turn around and they have! I think there are more hurdles to go through, but I am taking my BFF's advice and exercising rather than eating my way through the pain!

  2. Hey, we're all good peeps...I'll visit Lala and say hi from you.


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