25 July 2010

Note to Self: Do NOT skip breakfast

Skipped breakfast yesterday and did not fight the urge to use it as an excuse to put a little extra on my lunch sandwich. This threw me completely off and I had extra servings of dinner despite my lack of hunger for them. It's really scary how quickly my mind can slip back into old habits. I didn't officially eat any or the peach crisp made by my budding chef. However, that whipped topping spoon did need to be cleaned off before I put it in the dishwasher and I barely even hesitated before putting it in my mouth.

So, I'm back up .9 today. Will I ever see 250 and get my Reeboks? Not if I keep sabotaging myself like that! I'm a bit angry at myself over it.

I had considered doing the church potluck today, but I think I'm better off skipping it. I'm going to eat a nice breakfast, though, half hour after I take my meds. I need to get a new routine because these meds are definitely effing up my breakfast habits.

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  1. I found out that the dishwasher gets so hot and works so well, that you don't have to rinse or lick anything, as long as you run the thing within and hour or two of loading it..... All the best


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