21 July 2010

Feeling ick today

Yesterday I went to my mom and sister's house and we had a cookout of burgers and hotdogs, baked beans and mac & cheese. Please, no green vegetables or real fruit. Not with my family of origin! I did not eat any cherry cheesecake.

My poor daughter isn't used to consuming fat in such quantities and promptly got sick before finishing her cheesecake. We ended up staying a half hour later than intended because she wasn't quite ready for a two-hour car ride home right away.

Mine hit me this morning. The POMAs as BFF has called them (Pi$$ing Out My A$$). I thought I'd die.

By noon, I was ok so I took my daughter and her friend out to the new burger joint in town. Hey, Aunt Flo's in town and she likes red meat, ok? The fabulous fabulous fries were - guess what? FABULOUS! Omg. My stomach has been uncomfortable ever since. I didn't eat until I was full, thank (insert diety of your choice here)Yoda. But still, I feel ick.

I hadn't exercised yet so after hubby (awww) made dinner, I just ate just a little bit. I wasn't very hungry. He even made his famous mashed potatoes, showed our budding Chef how they are made. I think he is worried that I'm not eating as much as usual. He doesn't seem to get it.

Anyhow, I really just wanted to go to bed. But, my kiddo told me I should at least TRY to exercise. So . . .I got out the Walk It Out Wii game again and . . . walked 2.5 miles. My stomach still feels abused, but my spirit feels OH SO MUCH BETTER!

Why don't I ever remember that when I'm just in a grumpy mood? It's like DRUGS. Better than Paxil. Glad I have both tho, just in case.

Can't wait til my morning weigh-in to see how much damage I've done. The last time I ate fries it wasn't pretty the next morning.


  1. I do low carb and potatoes and bread kick my ass and I get the squirts every time. It sux!

  2. Red meat rules. When I used to have shark weeks I had to have a lot of it. That and chocolate. :D

    You might be surprised when you get on your scale. And even if you are up a tad, it is likely fluid loading. That is what I tell myself when it happens. ;)

  3. Family can really screw things up, unless it's my hubby's family, then good luck finding meat! It's good that you recognized what made you ill. Now you can make better choices next time and maybe take fruit to your sister's.

  4. I'm glad you had the fries - life without fries EVER is probably not a life I want to live.

    Even if the scale was up this morning, know that you will lose the weight promptly - don't you always anyway? :)

  5. Lets be honest, we all are going to indulge from time to time, and eat like a human being rather than a health conscious individual. But thats okay! You can do that with a balanced diet, and not suffer the same consequences than if it were a regular routine. You'll get through as long as you keep it up this week!

  6. ya know, I am feeling the same way. ICK. I've eaten like crap this week. I did worse than you. I went to ...to....to....BURGER KING yesterday and got chicken fries and french fries and root beer. I have been so sick ever since. I didn't plan. I was in a hurry.

    I also agree that exercise is better than any antidepressant. If we KNOW that, then why on earth is it so hard to just get off our behind and DO IT????

    Oh the mind is surely a curious thing! :)


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